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social theory

Digital Philosophy of History: Problem Statement

The article raises the problem of the possibility of creating a digital philosophy of history. The initial thesis of the work states the fact of the crisis of the traditional philosophy of history, the absence of meta-narratives which introduce global historiosophical concepts, and the unsuitability of the existing categorial apparatus for describing the realities of the digital world.

Circuits Typological Study of the Socio Modern Society

Sociality is a specific quality of connections, relationships and dependencies between individuals and social groups that create and reproduce many times historically conditioned model of social relations, continuously maintaining the stability and unique character of the established social order. Features of the sociality can be given on the basis of four dimensions units that characterize the irreducible to each other biological, social, cultural and psychological features of the processes deployment in social space.

On Unified Social and Humanitarian Theory

The article is devoted to the scientific basis for a unified social theory needed to explain the reasons, to predict the aftermath of the global systemic crisis and to develop the concept of social ideal of desired future.