social representations

Specifics of student youth’s social perception about readiness, competence and self-efficacy

Introduction. Global transformations require an individual to be ready for change, the ability to make decisions in a situation of uncertainty. Theoretical analysis. A comparative analysis allows us to conclude that, depending on the context, readiness is understood differently. Psychological readiness is associated with the presence of knowledge, skills, and is considered as a certain level of activity of the individual, a special emotional-volitional state, the ability to mobilize before the start of activity.

Modern Youth Representation about Emigration as a Successful Life and Career Strategy

The article gives the results of the research of modern students’ representation about emigration, its motives and qualities of a potential emigrant. Typical modern youth representations about emigration as a successful life and career strategy were found out.

Social Representations of Young People about the World in Various Conditions of Socialization

In the article the specifics of the system-diachronic approach to the analysis of the different conditions of socialization of the personality are discussed. It contains the research of social representations of young people about the world in various conditions of socialization. The prospects of studying of social ideas about the world in dependence on the conditions of socialization of the personality are shown. The nuclear components of the influence of the ideas of young people about the world areallocated and described.

Social and Psychological Representations Modern Student’s Youth about L. N. Tolstoy’s Creativity

The article considers the problem of psychology of literary creative work of L. N. Tolstoy; the main scientific and psychological approaches to the analysis of literary works. In the work of consistently carried out a theoretical analysis of psychology of creativity L. N. Tolstoy, an empirical study of social-psychological perceptions of student’s youth about the writer’s work. Identified the main components of «psychological realism» creativity L. N.

Features of Social Representations and Attitudes in Various Conditions of Professional Socialization

The article covers the results of empirical research specific character of attitudes to law, and state in different conditions of professional socialization. The author has revealed stable and significant differences in students’ perception of law and state that results from different conditions of primary professional socialization.

The Social Representations of Risk

In this article results of the analysis of a place and a role of risk in system of social representations are discussed. The structure of social representations about risk is studied. Inter-generation features of perception of risk are analyzed.

Designing of an Image of the Future of Learning Youth as Aspect of their Social Self-Determination

In article results of research of an image of the future of learning youth in aspect of their social self-determination are stated. Results of empirical research of a parity of an image of representations and social identity are submitted to of the person.

Social and Psychological Aspects of Personality Adaptation of the Patients with Diabetes Mellitus

The article represents the subject-social approach to the analysis of the disability situation ; through the example of diabetics. The author considers the problem of re-socialization of ill and disabled people in the social and psychological context, the system of internal and external determinants. The system of psychological and socio-psychological factors of the situation subjective component and the ideas about the sick role and a healthy role and evaluation of life quality are revealed.