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Correlation of the Beliefs about World and Self-Actualization of Personalities in Process of the Professional Socialization Midshipman Military High School

In article offered results of the empirical studies beliefs about world of midshipman military high school, their structures in process of the professional socialization. Match up the presentations and features self-actualization, are revealled typical particularities of these phenomenas.

Social Creativity of Personality: Psychological Structure

The research suggests an attempt to study social creativity as complex
characteristic of personality. The characteristic fosters finding
original and constructive decisions in situations of interpersonal interaction.
The unity of motivational, communicative, intellectual and
existential parameters can be found out in the structure of interrelated
elements of social creativity.

Russian Immigrants' Personal Self-Actualization and Subjective Well-Being

The article represents results of empirical research of the interrelation between Russian immigrants' personal self-actualization and subjective well-being. Detailed results based on a sample of Russians who migrated, and Russians who live in Russia are provided. Common and particular interrelations between personal self-actualization and subjective well-being are highlighted. Also the features typical for persons living in Russia, Germany, USA and Spain are considered. 

Features of Professional Intentions of Students-Psychologists at Early Stages Professionalization

In the article results of empirical research of features of professional intentions of students-psychologists are discussed, the problem of the attitude of students to the professional work is considered. Motives of training of students are analyzed, dynamics of their professional intentions comes to light and studied. The questions, concerning specificities of representations of the future experts on the selected trade are considered. 

Moral Norms of Behavior in the Structure Integrated Individuality of Modern Students

The article presents the results of an empirical study aimed at investigating the specifics of the relationship characteristics of different levels in the structure of integral individuality, reflecting the psychological factors of personality manifestation moral norms of behavior depending on the level of self-efficacy in purposeful activity in the student age.

Self-Consciousness in the Aspect of the Self-actualization, Self-acceptance, Real and Ideal Self-images

The article is devoted to the study of the peculiarities of the conditionally convicted person’s consciousness. It shows the results of psychodiagnostic study of self-actualization subjects and their self-acceptance, the real and the ideal self-images. It is marked the low level of selfactualization subjects, the discrete nature of their time perspective. In conclusion, it is done the implication about the necessity of correction work with respondents, outlined the main parameters of the correction.