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Methodology of Conceptual Analysis in Philosophy

In article are considered procedures of conceptual analysis in application to analysis of concepts of theoretical and social philosophy: consensus, philosophical culture, risk, revolution. 

Democracy at the Concepts of the Alternative Directions in the Russian Philosophy (at the End of XIX – First Half of XX Centuries)

The article describes the comparative analysis of the concepts of democracy put forward by the representatives of the alternative directions of Russian philosophy at the end of XIX and first half of XX centuries. The author of the article notes the development of the ideas of democracy, observed and described in ancient Greek philosophy, by such thinkers of the Enlightenment as Thomas Hobbes, John Locke, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Charles-Louis Montesquieu, and others.

From the History of Nihilism In Russia: “Vekhi” and Frank

In the article, the attempt is made to comprehend the influence of the ideology of nihilism on the social condition of Russia after the defeat of the 1905 revolution. Leading Russian philosophers (N. A. Berdyaev, S. N. Bulgakov, M. O. Gershenzon, A. S. Izgoev, B. A. Kistyakovsky, P. B. Struve, S. L. Frank) in the collection of articles “Vekhi”, published in 1909, spoke about the role of the Russian intelligentsia in this revolution. The release of the collection caused a fierce debate in the society. We settled on the article by S. L.