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Notions of Students about Risks of Involvement of the Person in Criminal Activity: Focus-Group Research

The article presents the results of a focus group study of respondents’ submissions (university students) on the potential risks of involving a person in criminal activity in modern society. The judgments of the representatives of the target group were based on the experience of everyday life (one’s own, acquaintances and relatives) and information obtained from the mass media. The content of respondents’ social representations is structured in relation to social groups (adolescents, youth and adults) and the specific risks of accusing them of criminal activity.

Youth perceptions and attitudes about artifi cial intelligence

Introduction. The development of information technology (IT) and artifi cial intelligence (AI) are signifi cantly changing the modern world, which raises the question of the impact of these technologies on humankind. Theoretical analysis. Research on human-IT interaction is most often determined in terms of benefi ts for education, threats in terms of harm to health, including psychological health, and the formation of addictive behavior. However, the sphere of attitudes towards AI has been researched insuffi ciently.