The Culture, Sciens and Religion in Structural Psycho-Analysis by Jacque Lacan

The author considers the theory of structural psychoanalysis, suggest by Jacque Lacan. On the ground of this theory the author tryes to interpret Lacan’s concepts of culture including its components such as science and religion. 

State, Society and Religion in West-European Civilization

For many ages society has been managed by different kind of states, from primitive to the most complicated. The history of religion in the space of Western Europe civilization is mostly the one of interrelations of churches and state institutes. The theme the article deals with is especially actual in the modern globalizing world.

About Features of S. Н. Bulgakov's Philosophical Outlook

The article is devoted to the consideration of the features of the philosophical worldview of S. N. Bulgakov – a representative of Russian religious philosophy of the turn of the XIX – early XX centuries in the context of the cultural and historical and socio-political realities of the time and the established traditions, trends characteristic of Russian philosophy. On the whole, the understanding of the philosopher’s philosophical creativity is not possible without knowing the main coordinates of his worldview.

Globalization and the Phenomenon of Religious

The article studies the problem of the relationship between
globalization and the religious phenomenon in the modern era.
Special attention is paid to the specifics of the conflicts in religious
consciousness under the influence of globalization processes.
Globalization is seen as a complex phenomenon, includes a combination
of many elements of social reality.Open and participatory
modernity allows you to shape religious identity indirectly from
national and cultural component. So, mass forms of religiosity