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reaction to frustration

Functional Characteristics of the Integral Individuality of Students in the Context of Potentially Conflicting Interactions

The article presents the results of an empirical study, the purpose of which is to study individual differences in the manifestation of functional features of the integral individuality in students in the implementation of interaction in a frustrating situation, considered as potentially conflictual. On the basis of the conducted statistical research, significant differences in the manifestation of the functional characteristics of a personality are revealed, depending on the subjective idea of one’s own communicative effectiveness.

The Relationship of Cognitive Characteristics of Personality and Maladaptive Behaviors in the Structure of Individuality in Students

The article presents the data of a statistical study using correlation analysis, which revealed the specifics of the relationship between the severity of rigidity, flexibility, the characteristics of the cognitive style and maladaptive behaviors in the structure of individuality in students. For diagnosis, such methods were used as: G. V. Zalevsky's Tomsk rigidity questionnaire; J. Young Schema Questionnaire; V. T. Kozlov's "Intellectual liability" test; The Stroop Color and Word Test; Rosenzweig Frustration Test; A. Luchin's test for flexibility of thinking; K.