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Phenomenon of Rationality in Culture

The article deals with rationality as theoretical concept and phenomenon and value of culture. Analysis of historical types of rationality in culture is performed. The idea of preservation of renovated rationality in culture is emphasized.

I. Kant and B. V. Rauschenbach on cognition and morality: The contact points

In the XXI century, the humanity continues to actively transform the world, technological progress puts rationalism in the first place as a worldview. Of course, the balance between rationalism and irrationalism in one time dimension and cultural space is difficult to achieve, each of these types periodically prevails and therefore has a specific impact on culture. At the same time, periods of changing cognitive and value orientations may be accompanied by crisis phenomena of a moral and ethical nature.

The role of metanoia in the formation of theological worldview

Introduction. In connection with the acquisition of the status of science by theology, the question arises how to update the internal sources of motivation of the theologian-researcher for scientific activity. One of the motivating factors is the consideration of research activities as a special kind of worship, which consists in an inner aspiration to know the God by approaching the comprehension of ultimate meanings. In this case, research activity is regarded as sacred, which undoubtedly gives the theologian a special impetus to action.