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N. Taleb's “Black Swan” as a Philosophical Reflexation of Riskogenic Society

The research focus of the publication is the theory of the “Black Swan” of the modern philosopher N. Taleb, which is considered in the context of the risky measurement of society. “Black Swans” – events that have extremely low predictability, in terms of their impact, can dramatically transform the world. Today, the society is filled with extremely unpredictable events, which make its development as vague as possible.

Experience of Social-psychological Analysis of an Integral Conception of the World

The paper discusses the fundamental principles of the author’s approach to social-psychological analysis of collective and individual models of the world. The role and significance of four universal characteristics of the world expressed through the notions of randomness (chaos), antagonisticness, mechanisticness, and organismicness and all the relations and processes in the world that determine the evolution of the human society are considered.

Randomness in Natural Science

The article gives brief review of concepts of category of randomness, represented in natural science on three stages of scientific cognition – classical, non-classical and post-non-classical. Ontology and epistemology provide the context of philosophical comprehension of the problem.