psychological safety

Training and Interpersonal Pedagogical Interaction as the Basis of the Formation of Psychologically Safe Educational Environment

The article is devoted to the consideration of the nature of the training and interpersonal pedagogical interaction, the definition their importance in the formation of psychologically safe educational environment.

Evolution of educational milieu psychological safety conceptualizing in Soviet “school film”

The authors analyze the representations of school as pictured in Soviet films of 1930–1980s seen as a source for reconstruction of the notions concerning the safety of the educational milieu – self-generated as well as imposed by elites – that were characteristic of Soviet society. The discussion seems crucial for critical approach to those social stereotypes underlying modern conceptions of the educational milieu safety that were mostly shaped within the limits of the previous historical period.

Temporal Aspects of Psychological Safety

The subject of the present study were phenomena of subjective
projection of security. The aim of the study was to demonstrate their
temporal identity. Theoretical analysis and own empirical data allowed
the author to identify three classes of temporal phenomena peculiar
psychological security. The first class is formed by human experiences
sensations, perceptions or feelings of security. The second class of
phenomena of psychological safety experience formed the subject of
the security status of various gradations. The third class of phenomena