Izvestiya of Saratov University.
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Human Сonsciousness and Mind-Body Problem

In page the opportunity of the decision of a mind-body problem from positions of the "antinaturalistic" concept of consciousness is considered. From the given concept, not only the consciousness exists in the World, but also the World as the whole - exists inside of consciousness. The concept of "Absolute" - "Universum of possible experience" is entered. Empirical "stlf" - is result of self-restriction of Absolute. The physical reality is thought as the system of restrictions generating empirical self.

The Idea of Problematic and Eidetic Cognition

In the center of the analysis is the phenomenon of problematicity in the process of evolution of rational structures of cognition, acting as a universal demand that characterizes the cognitive process; the relationship between rational and irrational levels of mastering the world in the form of eidetic cognition. The principle of problematicity is considered in the context of solving problems of scientific activity.

Logico-Methodological Approach to the Assimilation of Pedagogical Notions Throughout Conceptual and Terminological Problems Solution

The article explores the essence of logico-methodological approach to the assimilation of pedagogical notions, identified the general logical method of «searching for contradictions in the process of pedagogical tasks solving».