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Historical Transformation of Elite Power in the Problem Field of Social Philosophy

The article is devoted to the social and philosophical analysis of the historical changes of the elite power. There is made an attempt to identify the differences between elite power from the power of the elites. From this point of view, there are various approaches to study the ruling groups. And the hermeneutic approach is set off in the article. Based on it there is defined the elite of the text (the public), the elite of the subtext (behind the scenes), and the elite of the context (the real conditions of its existence).

Social Relations of Animals in the Light of Sociobiology

Revealing of actually social attitudes between animals, and during too time, direct analogies of a human society to communities of representatives of fauna (as a rule, with insects and gregarious animals) is characteristic for modern sociobiology, science born on border between social philosophy and zoology. Hardly pertinently to build onelinear, rigid models of social evolution of the person or to base them on the analysis of behavior of primates or communities of hunters.

The Force and Power of Technology: Too Much or Not Enough?

This article dwells upon a question of power and force aspects of technology as far as the existence of human is concerned. Problematization of the point of connection of equipment and human life will help research neither the political nor the institutional but the existential
meaning of power.

Personality in Space of Power

Increase of a personality role in political space of society sets a task of researching of the ways of personification of special power structures. In the article there offered the main levels of psychological space of power, the corresponding political symbols and the models of political behavior. There also discussed particular features of personified space of the leader, phantoms of his influence on political space of ruling elites and electorate.

The World: Value and Power

The article focuses on ontological meaning of different economic strategies, which constitute a key for fundamental ontology of XXth century notion of worldness (Weltlichkeit) of the world by M. Heidegger.

Fatherhood as a Problem of Social Philosophy

The paper studies fatherhood as a problem of social philosophy, viewed through the realization of the social and historic circumstances and peculiarities of fathers and children’s relations building. Philosophic analyses of the category brings to the surface the sources of fatherhood based in the human social existence. The analyses reveals a specific way of fatherhood institution transformation in Russia and gives reasons for it’s crisis in the context of the social risky power environment.