philosophical anthropology

The eventuality of human philosophy in the risk society

Introduction. The article is devoted to the analysis of the eventuality of philosophy in the risk society through the anthropological consideration of the concepts of uncertainty, possibility, unpredictability, infi nity. The main diffi culty in risk analysis is that risk lies between rational and irrational, between certainty and uncertainty, between possibility and reality. Theoretical analysis. We are talking about the need for philosophical conceptualization of concepts, since the relations of definitions act as social and anthropological relations.

Philosophical Anthropology of G. S. Batishhev: Conception of «Ascenting Man»

The author considers the specifics of G. S. Batishchev’s philosophy as a non-classic anthropology. The concept of «profound communication» is considered to be the fundamental principle of the relation of a person with other people, the world and the God. It has been given reason that the dialogical principle has achieved the entire development in G. Batishchev’s works. It has been shown that characteristic property of «religious» dialogue is its vertical cutoff and a presence of the “universal” ontological coordinate in dialogue, which is the God.