penitentiary system

Development of cadets’ cognitive interest: Reflexive approaches and modes

Introduction. Development of cognitive interest of cadets is one of the pedagogical aspects of great importance. Cognitive interest determines the effectiveness of mastering professional and humanitarian disciplines and contributes to the formation of cadets’ personality, aimed at their further self-improvement. Theoretical analysis. The study of modern sources allowed to come to the conclusion that the cognitive interest of cadets, being a quality of the personality, has a direct connection with such a phenomenon as reflexion. Empirical analysis.

Features of Psychological Attitude of Personality to Objects and Subjects of Labor as a Predictor of Emotional Burnout (Socio-Cognitive Approach)

The article presents the empirical research results of emotional burnout level and socio-psychological characteristics of the penitentiary system employees, presented in terms of job satisfaction and attitudes towards subjects and objects of professional activity in the context of a social cognitive approach.