Izvestiya of Saratov University.
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ISSN 2542-1948 (Online)


The Causes and Modes of the Appropriation of Experience Nothingness in Minimalism and Conceptualism

The causes and methods of an explication of concepts «nothingness», «vacuum», «non-existence» in minimalism and conceptualism art are parsed. The bases of a lack-aesthetics are considered. It is supposed, that in modern art conceptualism and minimalism appear as syncretic derivations, thanks to plural re-using of a subject and a mode nothingness.

Birth and Death of the Subject in A. Kozhev's Philosophy

The article explores how Kozhev repeatedly strengthens the role of the anthropological factor in being, preserving the basis of Hegel’s philosophical approach and at the same time attributing this intention to Hegel himself. Since Kozhev defines a person as an entity taken in isolation, but understood as a component element of the reality, humanity becomes the only one responsible for the dialectical, i.e. historical dimension in being. On the contrary, Hegel attributes the logic of historicity and dialectical development to all identity, including nature, as a whole.