Study of Work Motivation in Medical Workers

The article discusses the results of the survey of doctors and nurses conducted by the author in order to study the influence of psychological factors on work motivation, as well as the structure of work motives of medical personnel. The study was conducted in hospitals and clinics of cities of the Irkutsk region, 26 doctors and 34 nurses participated in the survey. In addition, 12 physicians from Greensboro, North Carolina, USA participated in the survey. As a result of the study, it was established that doctors in Russia have a predominance of internal and external positive motivation.

Psychological Description of the Criminal Activity

The result of theoretical psychological analysis of the criminal activity
are pleaded with the sidelines of career approach; the model of criminal
action is described.

Sources of Sense Formation of Person’s Emigratory Intention

Such sources of situational sense formation of emigratory intention as motives, spiritual values, significant experience related to perception of various fairy-tale and mythological images of the local culture; stable individual methods of sense regulation in difficult situations of life are considered. The results of our empirical study of sense formation factors of the emigratory intention of students in the modern cultural and historical situation are presented.