The war and the crisis of the global pseudo-liberal civilizational project

Introduction. War in the nuclear age regardless on the options of limited or local nuclear military conflict represents the apogee of the global crisis of humanity. Theoretical analysis. The purpose of the article is to identify the signs and prerequisites of the crisis of the global liberal civilizational project. The novelty of the research is manifested in the author's argumentation of the relationship of the philosophy of the war of western rationalism with pseudo-liberal modeling of modern civilizational dynamics.

The Role of Objective Laws of Nature in the Formation of the Legal Norms of the Society

The article is devoted to the issue of the interaction of nature and society through the prism of laws acting in these areas of human activity. The purpose of the work is to conduct a comparative analysis of the laws of nature (natural laws of development) and legal norms (social laws of development), and the definition of the place of laws of nature in the formation of legal norms. Based on the research done, it was concluded that the laws of nature and legal norms basically have more differences than similarities.

Theoretic-Methodical Researches оn «Freedom»

This article deals with the main aspects of studies of «freedom» as
philosophical category. Special attention is paid to the linguistic peculiarity
of this term and the formation of the definition. It is given a short
analysis of main approaches to the definition of «freedom». In spite
of great variety of scientific references and a number of researches
it is extremely important to proceed studying this theme because of
lack of understanding of this phenomenon as a whole and in order to
avoid misunderstanding.