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Subjective Belief about Intuitions: Benchmark Analysis (on Example Student Higher Educational Istablishment of Saratov and Area)

The article is dedicated to research of the phenomenon to intuitions with use the subjective beliefs about intuitions student HIGH SCHOOL Saratov and area. The Analysis space subjective presentations is realized by means of designed an author of the questionnaire.


About the Question of Actuality of Philosophy: G. E. Moore and Global Challenges of Modernity

The question of actuality of philosophy for humanity in XXI-th century is examined in the article. The role of philosophy consists in the search of methods and styles of reasoning which allow the man to make decisions in new and unusual for him terms. In works of representative of analytical philosophy G.E. Moore the search for interrelation between intuition and mind as the sources of human actions is carried out. Actuality of Moores philosophy consists in the special method of reasoning which gives a glance on preconditions of human acts from a new side.

The Phenomenon of Belief in V. I. Nesmelov's Gnoseology

In article reconstruction of the concept of Russian religious
philosopher V. I. Nesmelov is given, in particular it’s gnoseological
aspect. Questions of a parity of belief and knowledge are considered,
the mechanisms of knowledge process are revealed. The role of
religious thinking on a way to full disclosing of aspects of the human
person is understood.

The Moral Bases of Subject Inter-civilization Dialogue between Russia and China

The article is devoted to a problem of a subject of inter-civilization dialogue between Russia and China. The author proves a methodological and theoretical legitimacy of civilizational approach to solution of the problem of determination of moral grounds of this subject. Based on the indentified methodological positions, he carries out a comparative analysis of value of the spiritual-moral priorities of cultural traditions of Russia and China. It is based on the idea of «person – а moral force», V. S. Solovyov and the ideal of «the noble husband» Confucius.

Transformation of Foundations of Scientific Psychology

Relations between empirical data, theory structure and foundations of scientific psychology (interpreted as academic and applied discipline) are considered. Genesis and transformation of foundations of scientific psychology are represented. Declared and latent foundations of psychological knowledge, their relations with common sense, life experience and intuition are analyzed.