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About Ontology of Meaning

In article the ontologic analysis of a phenomenon of meaning is presented. The meaning is investigated from the point of view of its form of reprezentation in consciousness. It is ascertained nonsensual character of meaning ? the meaning does not possess spatiality, temporariness and qualia. It is shown, that the meaning can be interpreted as «potential» form of being. Fundamental property of meaning also is its unity, internal integrity.

Ontological Aspects of Atmosphere

The article is devoted to the consideration of the ontological status of the atmosphere, conditions and qualities that contribute to the formation of atmospheric effects. The semantic line of the text is a spatial dimension of the atmosphere, which is connected, first of all, with the unique spaces of art, set by the sensual modalities of being as presence and event. It is important to emphasize that the basic layer of these experiences marks the richness of life contact with the world.

The concept of the androgyne through the prism of the philosophy of life of A. Schopenhauer and F. Nietzsche

The article gives coverage to the deep meanings of the concept of androgyne which are polar to each other through the prism of the philosophy of life of A. Schopenhauer and F. Nietzsche. One of these meanings, which correlates with the philosophy of Schopenhauer, is a human’s denial of his dependence on his desires and incompleteness in androgyne as a symbol of indivisible integrity. Another meaning appears as a Nietzschean overman, representing the achievement of the extreme fullness of life in the androgyne, which pours out beyond time, becoming imperishable.

The role of technical in the preservation and reproduction of the living principle in a human

Introduction. The tendency to strengthen the priority of the technical side of life and the activity of a modern person, characterized by increasing complexity and ambiguity in the definition of a human and his world, aggravates the problem of preserving and reproduction of a living principle in a human. A problematic question arises: is a person – a living person – possible in a technical and technologized world in general? Theoretical analysis.