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Freedom of Human Being in Russian Religious Philosophy

The article is devoted to the principle of freedom as the guiding principle of Russian religious philosophy.

Human Сonsciousness and Mind-Body Problem

In page the opportunity of the decision of a mind-body problem from positions of the "antinaturalistic" concept of consciousness is considered. From the given concept, not only the consciousness exists in the World, but also the World as the whole - exists inside of consciousness. The concept of "Absolute" - "Universum of possible experience" is entered. Empirical "stlf" - is result of self-restriction of Absolute. The physical reality is thought as the system of restrictions generating empirical self.

Problems of formation of environmental consciousness: Educational aspect

The formation of mass environmental awareness among the younger generation is one of the most pressing problems of environmental education that also needs support from state and public organizations, designed to ensure the continuity, accessibility and methodological content of its implementation in educational institutions of all levels.

Practical philosophy: Modern foundations and necessity

Introduction. The complexity, the rapidity of changes and considerable uncertainty of further social development reinforce the requirements for an effective positive influence of philosophy on what is happening. In general, we are talking about the modern concretization – based on the method of dialectical unity of historical and logical – of the fundamental problem of the connection of philosophy and science with life and practice. Theoretical analysis.

Healthy lifestyle: Philosophical dimension

Introduction. The article deals with the issue of “healthy lifestyle” as a multidimensional phenomenon that requires complexity in the research process, and also substantiates the need to overcome the limitations of private scientifi c methodology. Philosophical understanding of the problem of health and the phenomenon of a healthy lifestyle is carried out in the modern context of the development of knowledge. Theoretical analysis.