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The life path of a personality: The experience of socio-philosophical conceptualization

Introduction. The purpose of the study is to carry out a socio-philosophical analysis of the scientific heritage of researchers of the concept of the “life path of a personality”, to systematize the material, as well as to create a foundation for a socio-philosophical understanding of this category. Theoretical analysis. The article identifies three dimensions through which the concept under study is presented: everyday, artistic and scientific. Their specificity is determined, as well as the existing difficulties in their relationship.

Spiritual Potential of Artistic Creation: Sociocultural Risks

In the article briefly lighted up and analyzed some aspects of development
of artistic creation, depending on the spiritual state of
artist. The author contends that any work of art captures a spiritual
state of the artist at the time of its creation. Basically, any creation
captures and reflects not only the spiritual state of «creator» during
the creation of work of art, but his spiritual intentionality. Therefore,
there is always a kind of spiritual seal on the result of creation. The

Dynamics of indicators of interpersonal relationships of courses of a military university at different stages of military and professional socialization

The article deals with the actual problem of interpersonal relations among military personnel. The urgency of studying this problem is determined by the high importance of this special social group, which performs the function of protecting society and the state.