Izvestiya of Saratov University.
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Reseach of the Younger Teenagers Intellectual Qualities under the Developing Effect to their Emotionally-Volitional Sphere

The interrelations between the emotional, volitional qualities and intelligence quotients of the younger teenagers are studied. During three years we carry out the experiment in diagnostics and development emotionally-volitional sphere of schoolchildren of 9?12. The correlative and factorial analysis of the received psychodiagnostic results, which was obtained before and after experiment, was used. The diagnostic and correctional-developing methods are presented.

Mathematical Model as a Diagnostic Tool for Determination of the Formation Level of Pedagogical Tolerance

In her article the author specifies the term «pedagogical tolerance» and determines its psychological components. Mathematical model’s creation is described and theoretically justified stepwise. It helps to determine the level of pedagogical tolerance during its formation process, to set up a correspondence between real and necessary demonstrations of tolerant behavior in pedagogical practice. 

Conceptual Dialectical Thinking of Students: Methodological Analysis

The article offers a methodological analysis of the formation of students' conceptual dialectical thinking. The research is organized in the context of students' professional activity as leading and determining in the formation and development of the future specialist. In determining the essence of conceptual dialectical thinking, the authors have been guided by the general psychological understanding of thinking as a process of analysis through synthesis and the movement from essence to phenomenon, from universal to singularity.