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Elements and Objects Russian Mythology in the Maslenitsa

The article is devoted to the rituals and ceremonial acts of Maslenitsa, also the elements of Russian mythology are explored. The author refers to the methodology of the philosophy of Name, the symbolic concept of speech and language, as well as the concept of the ontological mutual convertibility of language and time phenomenon, which are described in the works by V. A. Friauf and V. V. Kanafeva. The publication analyzes the deities and mythological characters and the embodiment of the fertility power of Maslenitsa complex – Volos and Mokosh‘.

The Culture of Overcoming in Religious Esoteric Thanatology

The article is dedicated to the study of the phenomenon of overcoming as the transcendence of human existence and the shaping of the culture of overcoming. The shaping of the culture of overcoming is defined as integrated content development of mankind’s total experience in transcending and spiritualizing the reality. The author develops his own concept of metaphysics of overcoming that models an individual’s spiritual space dynamism and is used throughout history for the cultural removal of the life and death dichotomy.

Existential modes and their role in the modern perception of death

Introduction. The perception of death is inextricably linked with subjective experience, the feeling of the inevitability of this phenomenon. Theoretical analysis. Existential modes, such as fright, despair, fear, anxiety, actively studied in the corresponding philosophical trend, are the main aspects that determine this or that view on death in the context of personal experience of the phenomenon of the fi niteness of human existence.

Singular and Plural: Postmetaphysical Aspect

The article deals with the reception of traditional notions in contemporary philosophy. The transformation of singular and plural in philosophy of G. Deleuze, J. Derrida, J.-L. Nancy, A. Badiou is analyzed. The author draws a conclusion that the relation between singular and plural is problemizing in postmetaphysical philosophy and realization of the impossibility of their opposition takes place.