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Methodological Basis of "New Religious Consciousness" in V.S. Solovyovs Philosophy

This article is devoted to study of V.S. Solovyovs philosophical research оf «new religious consciousness» as alternative of reflective consciousness. The accent is given to peculiarities of ontological intuition in «metaphysics of universal unity» and to «positive dialectics» as methodology to comprehend supernatural primary substance. Solution of this problem is realized in context of analysis by the Russian philosopher of Gegels dialectics and his interpretation of identity law.

Social justice in the philosophy of Islam

Introduction. The article discusses the view on social justice through the prism of the philosophy of Islam, the problem of its study and analysis, from the perspective of explanation and interpretation of sacred texts. The theoretical social base laid down in the Koran and the Sunnah, as well as the social model built during the reign of the four “righteous caliphs” are analyzed. To illustrate the application of the basic methods of Islamic theology to questions of social philosophy, some concrete examples are given. Theoretical analysis.