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anthropological approach

Anthropological Approach to the Development of Historical and Pedagogical Knowledge in the Context of Humanization of Education

The article describes the experience of implementation of anthropological approach in teaching history of education, it stresses the importance of orientation to anthropological approach both in selection of content of historical and pedagogical knowledge, and in choice of technological methods of developing knowledge in organization of bachelors’ creative research activity, which is aimed at developing ways to autonomously work with information on the history of pedagogy, mastering variable ways to work with original sources, skills of taking notes, completion of indiv

Combining the incompatible, or on the question of the synergy of educational strategies

Introduction. The main idea of the article is that every established educational strategy combines the incompatible, generating economocentrism, political centrism, technocentrism, ecocentrism and other “centrisms” that lead to a reductivist approach to the meaning and forms of education. Theoretical analysis. Education as a socioanthropological institution is relatively autonomous, and the idea of autopoiesis of the human being is what lies at the foundation of its autonomy.