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Феминистские подходы к критике андроцентристских теорий общества: методологический аспект

The article is devoted to the consideration of the methods used by feminist theory for a critical study of androcentric theories of society. Despite the existence of many examples of criticism of the society theories, revealing their androcentric conditionality, no attempt has been made to analyze the methodology used in them with the potential of its capabilities to identify the androcentric component of these theories.

Marxism as a part of the androcentric tradition: The feminist superstructure and the androcentric base

Androcentrism continues to be the basis for modern thinking, and the comprehension of its manifestations in the philosophical tradition appears to be a necessary step to change this situation. The purpose of this work is to analyze the theory of K. Marx for its androcentrism, to identify its significant provisions based on it. The analysis is built around testing how the “general” statements of Marx reflect women’s experience, how they are woven into the whole of the theory and how much they are substantiated by it.

Denial of motherhood as the ideological basis of the androcentric tradition

Introduction. Androcentrism as an initial ideological attitude largely determines both the content of classical philosophical texts and the approaches of researchers to their interpretation. Theoretical analysis. It is noteworthy that androcentrism of "West" and "East" rests on the same ideological postulates. Their identifi cation is the purpose of this work.