Izvestiya of Saratov University.
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Regulatory Function of Mental Image in the Formation of Individual Attitude to Emigration

The subject of this article is regulatory influence of a persons sphere of mental images on the formation of individual attitude to emigration. Mental image sphere is considered to be a multidimensional dynamical system of secondary mental images. Image representation may evoke emotions of different intensity and content as well as induce different actions and behavioral activity.

Level of Ethnic Integration of Image Sphere of Potential Immigrant Personality

The article focuses on a level of ethnic integration of an image
sphere of a potential immigrant personality. The concept of an
«image sphere» is interpreted as a determinate multidimensional
dynamic system of secondary psychic images and as a system
that can fulfill integrating/differentiating function with/from an
actual ethnosphere. The author introduces a coefficient of ethnic
integration of an image sphere (Ie), the coefficient being determined
by calculating the ratio of an observed number of positively and