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The methodology of harmonic convergence for the worldview of universalism

Introduction. The article is devoted to methodological issues of the formation of the worldview of universalism, excluding the reduction of the one, the whole, many and a part to each other. Limited, one-sided types of worldviews of holism, merism and the genological type allow such a reduction, excluding the choice of optimal, sustainable co-development of nature, society and a man. Theoretical analysis.

The anthropological nature of M. M. Bakhtin’s chronotope

Introduction. The relevance of the topic is substantiated and the purpose of the study is formulated. Theoretical analysis. An anthropological interpretation of M. M. Bakhtin’s chronotope is proposed. The unity of the chronotope is maintained by the dynamically nonequilibrium ratio of time and space. Chronotope expands the idea of an event and a place. The simultaneous presence of a person in a chronotope and a chronotope in a person is organic and inseparable.