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The Supreme Goal of Moral Practice in the N.G. Debolsky's Ethical Theory

The article considers the ethical concept of N. G. Debolskiy (1842– 1918), an idealist philosopher who created a system of phenomenal formalism, based on the unification of the philosophy of nature, metaphysics and ethics. Particular attention is focused on the identification of specific content and specific signs of the «supreme goal» of a person’s moral activity; reveals the hierarchy of «supreme goals» and its direct interaction with lower goals, which determines human activity.

The Essential and Meaningful Characteristics of Cross-Cultural Value Orientations

The paper presents a study of the essence and the component mix of cross-cultural value orientations. The basic meaning of «cross-cultural  value orientations» is rather complicated. So the author explains the essence through the analysis of the elements of its component mix: culture, value, value orientations, cross-cultural interaction.