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Coping Strategies of People, Suffering from Drug and Alcohol Addiction, with Different Levels of Hardiness

This article presents results of an empirical study intended to analyze coping strategies of people suffering from drug and alcohol addiction with different levels of hardiness. First theoretical approaches to hardiness and its components: commitment, control, challenge, have been analyzed. The study was conducted in a rehab center for people suffering from drug and (or) alcohol addiction. The study involved 37 people suffering from drug and (or) alcohol addiction – 27 men and 10 women aged 16 to 47 years old.

Reflexive representation of parental relationships as a determinant of adult temporality

Introduction. Parental attitude is a condition for the child’s development, including his temporal characteristics - features of the attitude to time. Theoretical analysis. The attitude to time as a manifestation of adult temporality is due to the reflective idea of parental attitude towards him. There are differences in perceptions of parental relationships in subjects with temporal dependence, indifference, and plasticity as manifestations of adult temporality. Empirical analysis. The respondents were 209 people aged 25 to 31 years.