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Anthropogenesis in the Conditions of the Development of Information Technology

Author researches process of influence introduction of high-technology for anthropogenesis, development of culture, values paradigm of information society.

The Basictrends of Virtualizationof the Social in the Information Age

In this article the phenomenon of virtualization of the social reality is considered. There are many definitions of virtualization in the scientific literature.Some authors define virtualization as a replacement of reality by the images; others prefer to consider virtualization as a process of creating an alternative social space. Recently, virtualization is increasingly defined as a combination of virtuality and reality.

Trends in the transformation of social practices and personal identifi cation

The article is devoted to the analysis of transformations of social practices and the corresponding forms of personal identifi cation. The article defi nes the concepts of "practice" and "social practice", and indicates their important components. The author asserts that standardization, massifi cation and virtualization are signifi cant trends in the transformation of social practices and personal identifi cation.