Izvestiya of Saratov University.
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Transformation and «Rasvoploshenie» as Ontologic Intuitions of Russian and Western Thought

Article argues that difference between ontological intuitions of Russian and western philosophy goes back to distinction between such forms of sacral experience as sanctitu and mysticism. The mysticism is connected with experience of «rasvoploshenie», sanctitu – with transformation of experience. The fundamental project of Russian religions philosophy is linked with attempt of philosophical judgment of experience of transformation.

Multidimensionality of Modeling of Youth Socialization

The article analyzes methodological and theoretical reasons for construction of multidimensional model of socialization of young people. The author assumes that the methodological treatment of the categories of activity, communication and self-awareness allow for adequate measurement of the process of becoming a social individual. On this basis he identifies theoretical resources of social, political, synergistic and cybernetic models of young people socialization, proving the acceptability of the process of their synthesis in the multivariate model.