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The Choice of Psychical Adaptation Strategy and its Consequences for Personality

In an article takes up the phenomenon of coping as a choice of definite adaptation strategy. The authors set up hypothesis that choice of psychical adaptation strategy by active or passive type determines a choice of psychical defenses mechanisms, personalitys value orientation, locus control and determines orientation of personality. Its draw a conclusion that the active coping structured by value orientation of self-actualization. Self-esteem and independence of values run out as resources.

Сlassification of Electronic Interaction Strategies in Web-learning

The emergence of scientific literature describing a large number of e-interaction strategies has been linked to the effective development of e-learning today. All of them, in one way or another, have advantages. In order to make the most of these advantages, it is necessary to study, generalize and classify them. This is exactly the purpose of the article. The authors analyzed multiple options for e-interaction strategies. As a result, they created a classification of strategies for e-interaction in web-training.

Risks of religious socialization in a post-secular society

The article presents the search for effective steps to minimize interfaith tension. The authors reveal the essence of traditional introduction to religion in the modern information environment. Digital technologies, on the one hand, expand the horizons of the possible, but on the other hand, the personality breaks away from natural communication, and as a result, the internal system of spiritual landmarks is disturbed.

Methodological Bases of Management of Quality of Art Education

The article is devoted to methodological basics of control of the quality of art education, which are an important component of the quality management system of artistic education, aimed at training of a specialist artistic profile. The author considers the strategic goals of quality management of education at the University of artistic and creative profile, highlighting the preparation of competitive creative personality, the activities of which are directed towards service to self and society.