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Escapism as a subject of philosophical reflection

Introduction. Technological transformations and the expanding processes of digitalisation, which have encompassed the space of an individual and social life, have given a new meaning to escapism as a form of existence and behavioural strategy. Virtual practices have become the most important component of life and activity of an individual and have created conditions that have strengthened escapist tendencies and moods. Theoretical analysis.

The Language and its Metamorphoses in Postmodernity

The Postmodern Era has been widely researched in Russia and abroad. Nevertheless, it is still debatable for both Russian and Western scholars. The problem of language and its metamorphoses has become one of the key issues in this respect. We focus on studying characteristics of the postmodern period, not taking into account its value system. Thus, based on the characteristics of postmodernity we might form an idea of the language itself in the above-mentioned period, since every concept is inevitably manifested in the language.