Izvestiya of Saratov University.
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Self-injurious Acts in Ritual Practices

The article discusses the motives and functions of self-injurious acts
in ritual practices of primitive tribes, religious rituals and modern
practices of body modification.

Homo Ludens 2.0: The Limits of Mythologization in the Digital Space of the Game

The article considers the processes of mythologization in the game space. The author, noting that current mythological processes in fact occur simultaneously with mythmaking, compares the specifics of mythological activities in public life and in the digital space. The systematic approach is used to study the contemporary myth. The analysis of such closely related components of modern social mythology as ritual and game is carried out. The game is considered as one of the mythocontent phenomena of the ritual.

A Ritual Character of Dance in the Myth as a Primary form of Being Social Memory

The article considers the phenomenon of social memory in its socio-historical formation. Social-philosophical analysis of dance as a social phenomenon of memory reveals a genetic relationship of sociality and ritual dance as an important mnemonic form of the myth.