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Formation of Personal Identity: Parameters of Religious Orientations

The person cannot be understood if to not consider the highest aspirations. But religiousness does not exist in the independent form, and assumes alloy of an ethnic accessory and religiousness. Confession - can be perceived as a condition of development of the person. The ethnic conflict can pass in the intrapersonal conflict at the pupil. The main condition of dialogue of cultures in educational process is the adequate perception of own identity of each subject of this dialogue that is impossible outside of patriotic installation.

To the Problem of the Features of Existential Philosophy of N. A. Berdyaev

In the article, the problem of the religious nature of the existential philosophy of N. A. Berdyaev is considered. It is shown that his understanding of his own philosophy as the existence of the spirit affected the way he understood the issue of freedom. For a philosopher, freedom is a state of mind, and therefore, the problem analyzed is not political and not legal, but exclusively religious.