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postindustrial society

Contemporary Russian Society and Social-philosophical Analysis of its Definition

This paper explores an operationalization of the concepts for contemporary Russian society. Drawing on theoretical frameworks of some concepts such as postmodernism, consumer society, post-industrial society the authors operationalize them. Our findings suggest that contemporary Russian society has a wide range of definitions. It is defined as post-historic, network or information society, postmodern society, etc. The set of different concepts represents Russian society and makes a definitions confusion. Such definitions should be applicable to modern Russian society.

The Transformation of the Term of Labour in the Context of Postmaterial Values

The transformation of the relation of man to the labour is the effect of beginnings postmaterial values in postindustrial society. The charactestics of labour in the modern society: expansion of sphere of services, the beginnings of society of consumption, the informatization of human activity, the «capitalization» of man.