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network society

Contemporary Russian Society and Social-philosophical Analysis of its Definition

This paper explores an operationalization of the concepts for contemporary Russian society. Drawing on theoretical frameworks of some concepts such as postmodernism, consumer society, post-industrial society the authors operationalize them. Our findings suggest that contemporary Russian society has a wide range of definitions. It is defined as post-historic, network or information society, postmodern society, etc. The set of different concepts represents Russian society and makes a definitions confusion. Such definitions should be applicable to modern Russian society.

Network Bases of Social Memory

In article change of models of studying of social memory in the context of formation of network society is analyzed. The author states need of transition from substantive to relativistic the analysis in this connection selects the main methodological characteristics of network model of social memory: polylog, media, process and context. Use of these methodological principles allows to investigate memory not as a certain set of memories and as dynamic set of the social communications and the practice causing effect of the appeal to the past.

The Media in the Network Society: Outlines of a New Ruling Elite

The article is devoted to the development of media technologies and their media and their role in the creation, the functioning of modern society and the implementation of process management. The processes of communication, have taken on social significance, along with the information, allow to speak about modern society not as information, but as a network, meaning that this concept is wider.

The network society and the institute of education: A dimension of socio-philosophical understanding

Introduction. The issue of the article is devoted to the study of the institution of education in the network society from the standpoint of socio-philosophical analysis. Theoretical analysis. Using various methodological approaches, it was found out that the modern institute of education undergoes serious transformations on institutional, spatial and functional levels.

The image of a woman in the conditions of modern pseudo-democratic mythology

Introduction. The image of a woman helps to construct one’s understanding of the world, relations in society, ideas about the Other. This article is devoted to a critical analysis of the transformation of the image of a woman in a network society. Theoretical analysis. Today, the position of rejecting gender differences, which serve as one of the sources of human culture, is increasing in society. A crisis situation arises, accompanied by the loss of gender self-identification, the violation of internalization and existential frustration.