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The Boundaries of Life

In the article an attempt is made to propose a methodology of life cognition and to determine the boundaries of this cognition. Here the authors believe that the period of human life acts as an integrator of being, and the latter - as a premise of spreading life time with the help of ability to compile the past, to transform the present and create the future.

The Axiological Aspect of Money Phenomenon

The problems of identifying the essence and definition of money, designation of various methodological approaches to the phenomenon in the context of modern domestic researches are considered in the article. The function of money extended beyond economic factors limits intensifies the existential-axiological component of the phenomenon. This allows us to refer to the axiological approach in the money phenomenon study.

The Philosopher’s Conceptual World

The article is devoted to a philosophical heritage of a well-known native Russian philosopher V.P. Kokhanovsky. This work represents the analysis of ideas and principles of dialectics in epistemological models of the world, that were conceptually shaped by the Rostov scientist. Also this thesis identifies the contribution of the thinker to development of historical-philosophical knowledge. The author of the article mentions the role of professor V.P. Kokhanovsky in development of philosophical education in the higher school. 

Healthy lifestyle: Philosophical dimension

Introduction. The article deals with the issue of “healthy lifestyle” as a multidimensional phenomenon that requires complexity in the research process, and also substantiates the need to overcome the limitations of private scientifi c methodology. Philosophical understanding of the problem of health and the phenomenon of a healthy lifestyle is carried out in the modern context of the development of knowledge. Theoretical analysis.