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learning motivation

Motivation of humanities students to learn foreign languages: Changes and trends

Introduction. In teaching foreign languages to Russian students there is a tendency of decreasing motivation in learning European languages because of changes in the geopolitical situation. The aim of the article is to analyze the dynamics of the changes in students’motivation to learn English at Petrozavodsk State University from 2019 to 2022. Theoretical analysis. A comparative analysis of Russian and foreign studies shows that low motivation to learn prevents students from achieving high results.

Learning Motivation as a Factor in the Development of Intellectual Abilities of Younger Adolescents

The article is devoted to the impact of learning motivation on the development of intellectual abilities. The author describes the structure of learning motivation and gives a brief description of its main structural components (needs, motives, targets, formation of learning activities, interest in learning, and emotional condition). Educational-cognitive motives are highlighted as the most appropriate learning activities. The article considers the factors affecting the formation of positive learning motivation among students.