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intrinsic motivation

Motivation of humanities students to learn foreign languages: Changes and trends

Introduction. In teaching foreign languages to Russian students there is a tendency of decreasing motivation in learning European languages because of changes in the geopolitical situation. The aim of the article is to analyze the dynamics of the changes in students’motivation to learn English at Petrozavodsk State University from 2019 to 2022. Theoretical analysis. A comparative analysis of Russian and foreign studies shows that low motivation to learn prevents students from achieving high results.

Vaishnava’s Internal Religious Motivation

The division of the religious motivation into extrinsic and intrinsic can be found in the research works of G. Allport. However, the idea has been developed and now we can come across various terminology and constructs concerning the internal motivation. The concept of internal motivation due to I. Stoykovich and G. Mirich is based on the empirical material and reflects natural connections between different factors. That is an undisputable advantage of this concept. We have used the questionnaire of I. Stojkovich and G.

Orthodox Christian’s Intrinsic Religious Motivation

Intrinsic religious motivation forms the basis of real religiosity as opposed to nominal religiosity which makes persons identify themselves with the definite confession, but it does not follow any religious practices. While studying Orthodox Christians’ intrinsic motivation we have used the Questionnaire made by I. Stojkovic and J. Miric, which consists of 50 respondents.

The Problem of Studying Self-Determination of Personality in the Domestic Psychological Science

The article presents the analysis of the current domestic research of the problem of self-determination of personality. It is shown that the peculiarities of the domestic concept of self-determination is the synthesis of foreign experience and our own developments in the field of motivation, self-regulation and subjectivity. In domestic studies it is shown that adolescence is sensitive in the development of self-determination, but there are not enough studies of its ontogenetic features, revealing basic conditions, mechanisms and prerequisites of development.

Confessionally-Caused Features of Motivation Among Jews

The problem of religious motivation gives a deeper understanding of the religious identity of believers, the religious values of systems and their coherence, the specifics of socio-psychological interaction. The religious motivation of the Jews is not well understood. The aim of the work is to study the religious motivation of the Jews and identify its specificity. The study is organized as a quantitative measurement using a psychological inventory and questionnaire and subsequent statistical analysis of the results. In our study, we used the model of Stojkovich I.