The figure of Aristotle in the domestic intellectual atmosphere of the 19th century

A researcher dealing with the topic of the presence of Aristotle’s philosophy in the modern Russian space of the humanities is faced with the task of comprehending the origins of the attitude towards Aristotle in the history of Russian science. Aristotle in Russia, unlike Europe, is represented in a rather limited way, and even where he is present, modern Russian philosophy uses a rather narrow layer of thought from his heritage.

Dyad «Identity – alienation» in Marx syntagm: Past and Present

The article deals with current problems of understanding the phenomenon of identity in a dialectical relationship with the phenomenon of alienation in the Western philosophical tradition. Special attention is devoted to the articulation of identity and alienation in a single dyad by Marx. In the context of Marxist ideas, an attempt is made to reveal the content of the «identity–alienation» dyad in relation to the human being in a modern capitalist society. It seems? That in the realities of modern capitalism the process of see-alienation does not pass or anyone.

Philosophy as Turned form of Scientific Rationalism: Radical Innovations of German Classic

Article by philosophical and methodological critical explanations of
radical philosophical innovations presented in philosophical knowledge
studies of German classics of the rationale of philosophy as a reason,
form of scientific rationalism of the explosions at an epoch. Exploring the
limits competence of Kant restricts them. In the historical interpretation
of Hegel logic-scientific phenomenon is revealed as a coherent
movement, succession «body» of scientific knowledge.

The Justification of Absence in Aesthetics: Hegel and Anaximander

In this article the author to take note of the project of possible alternative aesthetics. With the aid of Hegels works (category of essence) and some Anaximanders fragments construct unique ontological location of the work of art, that distinguish the work of art from other sort being. Only the work of art be able pretend to ontological selfdependence, the other sort of being existence follows indication to each other.