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ethnic group

The state and ethnic identity: Confrontation or alliance?

Introduction. The article is devoted to the analysis of the relationship between the state and ethnic group, state and ethnic identity. It reveals the mechanisms of state formation based on the development of cultural baggage created within the framework of the ethnic communicative space. Theoretical analysis. One of the distinctive features of modern states is the complex nature of the identities that comprise their citizens. The article shows in what ways and due to what the president of the state asserts the beginning of the state.

Strategies of Behavior Interrelation Subjective Well-Being Representatives Contact Ethnic Groups

The article discusses the results of research on the relationship of behavior strategies and subjective well-being of representatives contact ethnic groups (Russians, Kazakhs, Armenians). It is shown that in the face of threats to the well-being of some of the representatives of the ethnic groups have resorted to various behavioural strategies. Established ethnic specificity of the relationship between the characteristics of individual satisfaction and willingness to engage in risky behaviour.