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ecological culture

Ecological Values as Protection against Gender Dysphoria: a Socio-philosophical Analysis

The article is devoted to the analysis of the influence of the ideology of transhumanism on gender self-identification. The values of transhumanism are very successfully institutionalized in modern, especially Western, society, and this process is fraught with serious threats to human being. In the process of analyzing this phenomenon, the author comes to the conclusion that the result of such institutionalization often becomes gender dysphoria, when a person can not fully accept his gender status of a man or a woman.

Formation of ecological culture in the context of multicultural interaction

Introduction. The formation of the ecological culture of the individual in the modern world is being updated due to the need to prepare a modern young person for adequate behavior in an environmental crisis and an increase in involvement in the global world. The goal is to reveal the features of the ecological culture formation in school students, taking into account the ethno-cultural component in the conditions of multi-ethnic education. Theoretical analysis.