Izvestiya of Saratov University.
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Destructive Forms of Socialization of Youth in the Nonconventional Religious Organizations and Sects

In the article the problems connected with processes of socialization of modern youth in the nonconventional religious organizations and sects, received the wide circulation in territory of Russia are analyzed recently. The basic characteristics of a phenomenon of nonconventional religiousness are designated, the criteria of disruptiveness sects are given, the analysis of existing researches on this theme is carried out.

Features of Self-Injurious Behavior in Adolescence and Youth

The research is aimed to studying features of self-injurious behaviour in adolescence and youth. This purpose makes us analyse such characteristics as self-attitude, coping behaviour, cases of psychological traumatization, deviant socialization and self-injurious behavior. Three types of self-injurious behavior: a deviant, a prosocial and a personality-dysfunctional one are defined.

Tolerance: Approaches to the Problem

Article presents various approaches to the problem of tolerance: in context of special natural qualities of the personality, or assimilated into the educational process, as a characteristic of interpersonal relationships in small groups as a principle of social interaction within the framework of the philosophy of liberalism. Current methodological approaches to the problem are highlight.