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delinquent behavior

System Approach to Risk Prognosis and Prevention of Delinquent Behavior

The present article is devoted to system approach to delinquent
behavior prognosis. Specific character of socio-psychological
features and personal features and their interconnection with people,
exhibiting delinquent behavior, has been revealed. The algorithm of
revealing risk groups of delinquent behavior development has been
worked out on the basis of the parameters that have prognostic
importance regarding personality criminalization. Socio-psychological

The Phenomenon of Destructive Socialization: Values and Axiological Bases

The author carries out the analysis of a phenomen on youth deviation. It’s examined the main approaches to explain the deviant behavior of person. The author refers to the results of the analysis, which are indicating correlation of the deviant youth behavior and major tendencies in all spheres of public life.