cultural space

The Policy of Memory in the Modern Russian Society: The Aspect of Urbanism

The processes of transformation and replacement of many traditional concepts are clearly observed in the frame of modern philosophical science. Social groups are the mediums of cultural memory, since the processes of communication among the members of the groups act as the constant indicators of the relevance of the information circulating in the society. Fixing of this information in written texts helps to form an identifying core.

Theatre Space Phenomenon: Philosophical and Culturological Analysis

In this paper the author analyses the theatre space as a culturological category which is characterized with time, spatial length and valuable bases. Distinguishing two layers - the external and the internal - leads to division of the declared phenomenon into two ontological layers - «the theatre space» and «the space of the theatre». The author grounds the rightfulness of such division and analyses each layer.

Environmental Consciousness in the Regions of the Russian Caspian: the Possibilities of Semiotic Measurement

This article analyzes the environmental consciousness as a unique phenomenon of cultural space, whose structure (metastructure) has significant potential semiotic expressed set of combinations (the code) is figurative-symbolic representations. Semiotic dimension of environmental awareness in the regions of the Russian Caspian is important in an environment where social awareness in our country still feels the pressure anthropocentric policies.