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coping behavior

Copying Strategies and Attitude to the World in Voluntary Emigration

The article considers the problem of sociocultural adaptation of voluntary emigrants through the prism of stress-related behavior and the specifics of their attitude to the world. Specific features of coping strategies and characteristics of the external and internal world of Russian citizens living abroad in the United States, Britain, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Austria (N = 70) are determined. It was revealed that women in voluntary emigration more often than men use the strategy of seeking social and emotional support.

Features of Professional Victimization Among Employees of the Ministry of the Russian Federation for Civil Defence, Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters and Law Enforcement Agencies

The results of theoretical and empirical studies of the characteristics of professional victimhood in professions providing safety to people are presented. It is shown that the work of law enforcement officers and the Ministry of Emergency Situations is done in extreme conditions, in the first place, when interacting with citizens characterized by antisocial and criminal behavior, in a situation of stress and panic, and in the second place, in natural and man-made emergencies.