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anthropological crisis

The Man – Who are You? (Historical-Philosophical Analysis of Human Problems in the Aspect of the Organizational Concept)

At the end of the twentieth century the contours of a new civilization has began to develop in the West, based on a completely new form of sociality using new types of technologies, actively operating information flows. Not all generic features of this civilization has been established though historical and philosophical studies in this direction have been done for a long time. It is absolutely clear that its establishment is making cardinal changes in our lives.

Degradation of Understanding and Socio-Mental Essence of the Person

The Person thinking, feeling, understanding, creative, poetic did not took place. The person reasonable and spiritual becomes the person intellectual, functioning. A basis of anthropological crisis makes «to escaping from thinking»: an identification of thinking and the got skills, understanding and operating, reason and mind.

Personality Development as an Ideological Illusion of the Idea of Progress

The article is devoted to the topic of personal development in the idea of progress. This idea has always reflected in its content the concept of irreversible, linear and universal development as a movement from lower to higher. In this context, most studies on this topic considered the thesis of the inevitable, guaranteed, permanent and upward development of the personality as an axiom.