Modernizing education in the post-secular world

Introduciton. This article examines the main directions of modernization of the institution of education in a post-secular society; socio-philosophical analysis of the transformations of modern education is carried out at various levels of its institutionalization: educational and methodological, organizational and managerial, communicative, value-semantic, etc. Theoretical analysis. In addition, the author of the work explores the cognitive features of the perception of modern education as an institution that includes elements of both secular and religious cultures.

Reconstruction of the temporal foundations of everyday thinking in phenomenological sociology of A. Schütz

Introduction.The article is aimed at identifying the problematic place of temporal foundations of everyday life, formulated in the framework of phenomenological sociology. The concept of everyday life outlined by A. Schütz is based on the conceptual provisions of E. Husserl’s philosophy about the inner consciousness of time and A. Bergson, who distinguished the refl exive self and the vital unity of conscious processes.

Plato’s «soteriology» in the context of classical yoga

Introduction. In the article, the connection between the «soteriological» aspects of philosophy of Plato and the principles of classical yoga presented in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali is considered in the framework of the comparative methodology. The aim of the study is to establish conceptual parallels in the approaches of Plato and classical yoga to solving the issue of the form of the highest spiritual realization of a person. Theoretical analysis.

Synthesis of love and suff ering in the philosophy by S. L. Frank

Introduction. The article considers the concept of synthesis in the experience of love and suff ering. In the context of the study of the problem, the works of the Russian philosopher S. L. Frank turned out to be signifi cant. Theoretical analysis. The analysis of the notion of synthesis is carried out within the framework of the concept of the metaphysics of the all-unity of the thinker.The conceptual meaning of synthesis is determined in the ratio of antinomic parts of being. It is established that love and suff ering are feelings opposite in meaning.

E. V. Ilyenkov and the struggle for genuine Marxism: Philosophical freethinking in the later USSR

Introduction. The article deals with the life and philosophical work of the Soviet Marxist philosopher E.V. Ilyenkov. It emphasizes the importance of a thoughtful return to his philosophical ideas. Theoretical analysis. Based on selected texts by Ilyenkov and with reference to contemporary studies of his work, three subjects are examined: the philosopher’s struggle to preserve Marx’s ideas within Soviet philosophy, his ideas about the fate of socialism in the USSR, and his attitude toward the West and the infl uence of Western philosophical ideas on Soviet society.

The eventuality of human philosophy in the risk society

Introduction. The article is devoted to the analysis of the eventuality of philosophy in the risk society through the anthropological consideration of the concepts of uncertainty, possibility, unpredictability, infi nity. The main diffi culty in risk analysis is that risk lies between rational and irrational, between certainty and uncertainty, between possibility and reality. Theoretical analysis. We are talking about the need for philosophical conceptualization of concepts, since the relations of definitions act as social and anthropological relations.

Denial of motherhood as the ideological basis of the androcentric tradition

Introduction. Androcentrism as an initial ideological attitude largely determines both the content of classical philosophical texts and the approaches of researchers to their interpretation. Theoretical analysis. It is noteworthy that androcentrism of "West" and "East" rests on the same ideological postulates. Their identifi cation is the purpose of this work.

Ways to ensure the mental security of students of universities of the Ministry of Internal Aff airs system of Russia in the conditions of conducting hybrid wars

The article analyzes the social determinants and manifestations of mental security challenges, which are inevitably refl ected in the minds of young people studying at the universities of the Ministry of Internal Aff airs system of Russia. Introduction. The purpose of the article is to consider the process of formation of sustainable worldview principles among students of higher education institutions of the Ministry of Internal Aff airs through the prism of the theory of generations.

Features of the social determination of mass diseases in the risk society

Introduction. The subject of the study is the social determinants of mass diseases of non-infectious origin and the traumatic nature of social changes taking place in modern society. The purpose of the article is to identify the consequences of the negative impact on the health of the population of such factors as informatization, cyber dependence, consumer attitude to nature, a high level of social mobility, the transformation of a person into an object of total control, carried out, among other things, for his safety, etc. Theoretical analysis.

Existential modes and their role in the modern perception of death

Introduction. The perception of death is inextricably linked with subjective experience, the feeling of the inevitability of this phenomenon. Theoretical analysis. Existential modes, such as fright, despair, fear, anxiety, actively studied in the corresponding philosophical trend, are the main aspects that determine this or that view on death in the context of personal experience of the phenomenon of the fi niteness of human existence.